Hot Perfect Ass

That is what I searched for (using image search) on my favorite search engine google – “hot perfect ass” and this is the image I found. Personally I don’t think it is a perfect ass (I agree it is quite hot) but the person it belongs to seems to think otherwise as that is the name she has given herself over at Im Live a live webcam porn site.

I was intrigued by some of the free profile pictures and a few had me looking deeper. My searching got me in the mood for some live booty shaking. Im Live wouldn’t allow me to search the members images until I had selected a user name and password, although it said free I was waiting for the credit card screen to appear and it was a pleasant surprise when it never arrived so I had quite a lot of dirty fun chatting to the ladies and looking at their galleries.

Then I hit the jackpot, the image above is the one that grabbed my attention. This fit looking ass belongs to a lady who goes by the name of ArvenBeauty and if you wish to feast your hungry eyes over the rest of her gallery you might agree that she has a near perfect ass but maybe not the most interesting.

No the most interesting lady might be the one I am waiting to hear back from. It was an ebony lady whom I am waiting to speak to, she was offline when I found her. When I tell you that her username is Ass Squirter you will understand why I am curious to have a chat with her and maybe even watch her in action!!

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