Flower Tucci And Ricki White

Yes that is right people. Two of the biggest roundest asses on the net. Ive actually seen Ricki White skinny and it wasn’t very attractive, I mean SKINNY, seriously skinny, like you could see her ribs and shit. Her ass was still juicy tho but it definitely need some more fat in it. I love this woman tho, i think she is fine as hell and would like to fuck the shit out of her. When i was updating this blog ages back, she had natural breasts as well. She got a tit job now, still looking hawt but i prefer the natural look. Remember how Julie Bond had no tits? right… even tho she had no tits.. (i have bigger man boobs (Seriously people :P)) i prefer her like that.
oohhh Julia, think we will have to get some of that on here….

Flower Tucci and the magnificent Ricki White, two chicks with big asses and nice smoking bodys…

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